Charrette 2021

This page is gathering all the usefull information regarding the Charrette 2021. You will find the information provided by Vibe & Tone on this page and we will update the page throughout the week.

Nørrebro United

Nørrebro United is a sports club located in the middle of Nørrebro. It has a lot of support from the local area, as sport is a big part of the city lifestyle. Since it is located in Nørrebro, it is a melting pot of a broad variety of people and you will find all occupations connected to this club. With its primary focus on football, it seeks to connect people to each other and to the community through sport. One of the key missions is to make sure that every child can participate in the wonderful world of sport. Recently they have been much more active in making the football and sport activities more decentral. They began with a large football field in Nørrebro Park, but have realized that mobility is often a hurdle when it comes to get new people to join. Therefore, they have a focus on smaller facilities around the city. That way they make it more accessible for kids to begin playing sports and football.

Tekno Eatery

Tekno Eatery is a relatively new venue in North West. It main revenue is done through catering of local companies for lunch. Therefore, the opening hours are mainly morning and afternoon. However, they also have a big dining area that fits up to 150 guests. Tekno Eatery would like to expand their activities so more people use their offerings during the day and nighttime. The have a strong focus on local and seasonal food and are working with sustainability through this philosophy. They are located in Rentemestervej, one of the upcoming areas in Copenhagen. There is a lot of potential to work more actively with the neighborhood and be a local dinning venue, which connects people across the board. During Corona, they also began working extrovertlier and catered much more outside the local area, so they are also flexible and quick to adjust to new circumstances. One of the challenges is to use their front space more inclusively to attract new customers and be a more integrated part of the street.

Library at Rentemestervej 76

The Library at Rentemestervej 76 is part of 21 institutions under the banner of Culture North under the Municipality of Copenhagen. It has many daily functions such as library, cultural venue, citizen administration and Tourist point. It is not well known that it is an official Tourist point and that is the scope of the Charrette 2021. Being a tourist point means being a host for tourist coming from both abroad but also locally. They have a geographically strategic important placing, as they connect the outer part of Copenhagen to the inner part. The area in which they are located is also one of the most diverse areas of Copenhagen. Both demographically and physically. The library has many opportunities to function as a gravity field to many different shareholders. The library would like to get ideas on how tourism might evolve in 2021 and beyond, and would like to know which services and products are needed to fill this role. They have a very strong network and serve as a daily meeting point to many different people both privately and professionally.


Rapolitics is a non-profit organization working with a democratic agenda. It focuses on interacting with the youth through Hip Hop and teaches them how work in this environment of democracy, events and involvement. They have a broad network of people supporting the organization and are very good at meeting the youth where they are. Therefore, Rapolitics is often found working on site with the whole ecosystem of their target group. Many people know Rapolitics from different events where “street” meets “democracy” and they function as a safe heaven for a lot of different kids. They attract many people through their philanthropic mindset and they work with a lot of the difficult issues we see around the world in a constructive manner where people interact and share ideas and express them through the wonderful world of music, art, dance and literature.

World Music Festival

The World Music Festival has recently gotten a large funding from the Municipality of Copenhagen, which means that they can think more long-term in how the World Music Festival should evolve. They have an idea of bringing in new formats and perhaps highlight different areas of Copenhagen. In 2022, they are thinking of highlighting Copenhagen NV, which is the core challenge of the Charrette 2021. They have an understanding that the world music festival can function as a tool to enhance a cultural agenda on connecting people through music. A key component of the festival is to create opportunities for people to get acquainted with each other different cultures. This is both internationally but also with other demographically groups. They have tried many new formats during Corona, and wants to use this knowledge to make the musical experience even better and more locally. The main goal is to attract and bring along other groups than the “classical” guest at the world music festival. This challenge requires people who know how groups of people interact and they would like to bring this focus to the Charrette 2021