Charrette 2023 – Urban Mining

Hello dear participants of the KEA Charrette 2023.
This page is our contribution to the workshop. We had the task of finding the five different locations, which is set to function as the cases for the Charrette. We have tried to locate local leaders, who can give you further access to the area in which we wish you do the “mining”. A local leader is someone who has a lot of local knowledge on the area in which you are to do you “prospecting”. The are the ones who usually know all the right people and can help you along your Charrette.

Some small recommendations
This is our seventh year of co hosting the Charrette. We have a list of recommendations for your project:
– Approach each of the group members with an open mind and use an core improvisational principle known as “yes, and” in the initial phase of co-creating your project. Listen and react to your surroundings with an open heart.
– Also remember the four other areas, which we have handpicked. One of the best experiences in the world is to get a connectivity and synergy with others. Not only within your group but in general with the cases of the Charrette.
– Also remember to acknowledge all the small wonderful things happening during the Charrette. This is one of the most interesting learning environments, that we are facilitating. It is not only the products and the end goals that is valuable. The process itself is a testiment to the potential we have as individuals and as members of the same movement.
– Take control of the process and stay true to yourselves and our group. The advisers don´t hold the truth. Go with your gut feeling and be original. You can get a lot of different advices depending on who you ask, But in the end it is your responsiblity to own the project.
Good luck with the Charrette. Looking forward to co create with you.

The Five “mining” Areas and KEA

The Five “Mining” Areas

Skjolds Plads Area
We have chosen this area as it is a vibrant and central part of Nørrebro. The introduction of the Metro station “Skjolds Plads” and the revitalized square located next to the station, makes this area a new experience for local citizens and travelers. At the Moment the Municipality of Copenhagen is co-funding a five year renewal process of the area called “Områdefornyelsen ved Skjolds Plads”. A link with a Danish description is found here. It is amongst this organization that we have found our local leader Torben.

Skjolds Plads

Red and Black Square w/ “Verdens Mindste Kulturshus”
The Area of “Super Kilen” is one of the most busy hot spots of Nørrebro. Super Kilen consist of the red and black square and connects Nørrebro with its surroundings. Many local citizens commute using this route. As an area it is very diverse with a great mix of demography. Your local leader of this area is “Verdens Mindste Kulturhus” . Translated to English it is the world smallest cultural venue. It is a wonderful small space in the back of Nørrebrohallen.

“Super Kilen”

Rentemester Area
This area has been in our focus ever since we began Vibe & Tone. The two kilometers of road that is Rentemestervej, is amongst our favourite places in Copenhagen. It is architecturally a mess with no visible plan of construction. A walk down Rentemestervej gives you an impression of all sorts of weird things. A visit to Democracy Garage and The library is recommended. The local leader we have selected for this area is Smedetoften Youth Club. They have a wide range of network to the whole area with an emphasis of the youth in and around Rentemestervej. Demographically that area is known for alle the families living in and around Smedetoften and the creative business at Rentemestervej.


Bird Street Area
The Bird Streets of Copenhagen (Something we have nicknamed it for this years Charrette” has gone through a massive change the last 10 years. As with Skjolds Plads that area has also been the subject of a city renewal process. That project ended around 6 years ago. An area with a strong diversity among local residents, companies and organisations. In the Bird Street Area you will find all walks of life. It connects one of the main public transportation hot spots of Copenhagen in Nørrebro Station. Being included in the Metro ring was crucial as this made the whole area much more accesible. The local leaders we have arranged for you in this area is an old friend of the Charrette. His name i Dan and Dan knows everybody!!! Dan is a local hero of ours and we have linked Dan with Fælleskaféen. This in order to give you a space in which you can begin your “mining” process.

The Bird Streets of Copenhagen

Utterslev Torv
The last area of the Charrette 2023 is Utterslev Torc. Most of you have actually already a basic knowledge of that area as Dortheas Winebar is lying next to Utterslev Torv. At Dortheas we had the social event the Sunday before kick-off. We love to use existing venues in another manner, and a bar might as well function as a place to do workshops. We believ Utterslev Torv is the frontline of where Copenhagen culturally is expanding. We have always tried to be at the frontline and has moved our activities accordingly to our beliefs. Our latest venture are the activities we do at Utterslev Torv. It is driven by a local grassroot organisation called “Utterslev Torvs Kulturforening“. Here you will find the locale leaders Mads Mazanti and Rasmus Grusgaard (Also a SUI).

Utterslev Torv

About Vibe & Tone

Vibe & Tone is a consultant firm with a vision to connect and bring people together. Since 2017 it has been our privilege to support the KEA and the Charrette with our insights. IF you have any questions, feel free to write us at og text Rasmus Petrussen at +45 31153661.
We draw inspiration for the Charrette with our work on Smart Urban Intermediaries (SUI). A further description on SUI can be found here on the project of Socially Smart Cities